Mov’eo et ses partenaires du projet européen RECiPE4Mobility recherchent des experts pour deux sessions de formation à destination des directeurs de pôles sur la construction d’une offre de service et la fidélisation.

Dans le cadre du projet européen RECiPE4Mobility coordonné par Mov’eo, 5 clusters européens travaillent à renforcer leurs compétences de gestion et à développer des services à valeur ajoutée pour leur écosystème, notamment PME. On retrouve E-Mobility Cluster (Allemagne), Mobinov (Portugal), RAI Automotive Industry NL (Pays-Bas) et Zone Cluster (Hongrie).

Nous recherchons aujourd’hui des experts pour deux sessions de formation en anglais sur les thématiques suivantes, qui se tiendront entre février et mars 2021.

Thème 1 – How to build, market and sell a service offer as a cluster ?

We need to be more result-oriented in the way we build our service offering, thanks to efficient monitoring and decision-making process to lead strategic activities responding to our members’ needs and providing at a least a minimum ROI for the cluster. Moreover, we have a culture of animating the ecosystem which must be complemented by a better communication and marketing of the service offering to cope with the competition. Finally, we wish to consolidate their positioning as European clusters (and not only local/national) and representatives of the Automotive & Mobility sector towards public authorities.

Theme 2 – How to foster loyalty of members and attract new ones ?
  • How to often should we communicate with members so they can understand the benefits of being a member?
  • To which degree should we involve cluster members (e.g. participation in strategy committee and other committes) or is it enough to share our reports with them?
  • How high should be the involment of the members in creating the cluster strategy?
  • How to motivate members to actively participate in our events and activities?
  • How to make sure that the membership fee is considered a value-for-money service?
  • What are the best communication channels? Email vs. Website? How important is it to organize in-person meetings (and with whom)? Do we need regural meetings with members (and with which groups)?
  • How do we manage to bind members to the cluster permanently? what are the decisive factors?
  • Which factors are decisive for the retention of a member?
  • What are the triggers for member cancellations?
  • Which strategy should we follow to keep a member if we feel that they would like to leave the cluster? Are there omens when members resign? 

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