La conférence SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS abordera l’ensemble des technologies de transmission électrique et hybride, ouvrant ainsi la voie à la décarbonisation de la mobilité. Outre les technologies de transmission, deux thèmes importants seront abordés : l’écosystème de l’électromobilité, y compris l’infrastructure de recharge comme facteur-clé de la généralisation des technologies à faible et à zéro émission de carbone. La conception éco-responsable couvrant l’ensemble du cycle de vie des produits du point de vue des émissions, de l’énergie et des ressources.

The SIA Powertrain Organising Committee and the SIA Automotive Power Electronics (APE) Organising Committee consolidate their successful cooperation to prepare next year SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS // Paris 2021 conference.

SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS conference will address the full spectrum of electric and hybrid drivetrain technologies paving the way of mobility decarbonization.

Along with drivetrain technologies, special focus will be put on two important topics:

  • Electromobility ecosystem including charging infrastructure as a key factor for low and zero carbon technologies widespread.
  • Eco-responsible design covering entire product life cycle from emission, energy and resources viewpoint.

Many collaborative initiatives in drivetrain research field are undertaken to support industry recovery. Our conference is aiming at being a forum for them and for Automotive and Electronics industry sectors joint initiative in particular.


  • Electrified Thermal Engine & Energy Recovery
  • Power Electronics & Electric Technologies
  • Electrified Propulsion Systems
  • Electric Mobility Ecosystem
  • Eco-Responsible Design

The last edition of SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS conference in Paris held on June 2019 was again a great success, with 770 participants from 17 countries, 63 scientific and technical presentations, 2 panel sessions on energy and with top-level representatives of OEMs and Tier1 companies.

Finally, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite all the powertrain engineering and scientific communities to submit abstracts on any of the related conference topics!

We look forward to welcoming you in Port Marly on June 2021

Call for papers

Submit your paper before December the 4th ⚠ 

Topics to be addressed

  1. Electrified Thermal Engine Technologies
    Chairman – Gaëtan Monnier, IFPEN

    • High efficiency combustions
    • Thermal engine technologies (Injection, EGR, Water Injection…)
    • Thermal energy recovery
  2. Electric Technologies & Power Electronics
    Chairman – Dr Jochen Langheim, STMicroelectronics

    • Electric machines
    • Power electronics
  3. Electrified Propulsion Systems
    Chairman – Christophe Callens, Valeo

    • Mild hybrids & 48V systems
    • Hybrid systems & Transmissions (AT, HEV, DHT, EV)
    • After-treatment & electrification
    • System engineering, control & energy management
    • Battery systems (pack, cooling…)
  4. Electric Mobility Ecosystem
    Chairman – Bertrand Largy, SIA CE VEEE

    • Charge infrastructure, V2X, power generation
    • Battery cell roadmap (technologies and chemistry)
    • New services
  5. Eco-Responsible Design
    Chairman – Emmanuel Jean, Faurecia

    • Emission regulations, RDE, air quality
    • CO2, GHG emissions, WTW
    • LCA (cradle to grave), resources, recycling

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