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This book is the 8th edition of a selection of Success Stories from the cluster's members, divided into 4 innovation drivers:

Mobility with a low environmental footprint

Safe, autonomous and connected mobility

New mobility services and solutions

Industrial and operational excellence.**

The 2022 Success Stories Book offers a number of innovative products and services that reflect the diversity of collaborative initiatives carried out within the cluster's territories: a permanent link between industrial SMEs, ETIs, major groups, research organizations, European networks, institutions and local players.

NextMove's role as a federator, catalyst and trusted third party makes it an essential player in the automotive and mobility sector, promoting growth and employment. The Book 2022 is proof of this with nearly 70 Success Stories** from members.

Preface by Luc JULIA

Chief Scientific Officer - Renault Group


Since the creation of the competitiveness cluster in 2006, the Renault Group has always been strongly involved in collaborative projects. In fact, out of the 590 R&D projects accredited by NextMove, we have managed 52 of the 140 in which we have been involved. Being a facilitator of this ecosystem is, of course, the best way to detect the nuggets it contains in order to develop new innovative products or services with them.

With this in mind, last year Renault, under the leadership of Luca de Meo, launched the Software République, an economic interest grouping that brings together six major French companies: Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, STMicroelectronics, Thales and of course Renault. With the mission of shaping the sustainable mobility of tomorrow, we are pooling our strengths and expertise to develop increasingly complex systems that we would not have been able to develop on our own.

The projects we incubate have a strong entrepreneurial vocation, and we involve startups in them. They teach us the notion of urgency, which is sometimes forgotten in our large groups. To attract and motivate these start-ups, in addition to the classic incubation methods, we set up an associated investment fund and organize thematic competitions. It is hardly surprising to find among the winners of the "Mobility 4.0 Challenge" organized recently, WattPark, a member of NextMove, whose ambition is to become the Airbnb of charging stations.

Among the original projects developed within NextMove, in which Renault is not a stakeholder, K-Ryole's first electric smart trailer for bikes caught our attention. We can also mention ECOV, which benefited from our Mobilize Invest investment fund, and TwinswHeel, which makes an innovative contribution to logistics.

For the Renault group, NextMove is also an excellent catalyst for skills. We have established a partnership between the cluster and the GTC (Global Training Center) to develop and promote training courses in the process field. This first step is the foundation for building the Campus des Métiers et Qualification dedicated to the circular economy, based in Flins at our Re-Factory site, a pioneer in this new economy. This CMQ is of course open to the entire NextMove ecosystem.

We have the same ambition of decarbonization in mind. There will be no shortage of opportunities for collaboration between NextMove, Renault and the Software Republic. Together, we are building the "Mobility Valley" that we need so badly to move forward in a better world!


Book Success Stories 2022


  • Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer, Renault Group

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  • Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Ecological Transition, in charge of Transport

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  • Agnès-Pannier-Runacher, Minister for Energy Transition & former Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, in charge of Industry

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  • Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister & Former Minister to the Minister of State, Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, in charge of Transport

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  • Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region

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  • Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment
  • Michel Rollier, President of PFA, French Automotive & Mobility Sector

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  • Emmanuel Macron, Former Minister of Economy and Finance, President of the French Republic

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