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Setting up European projects, finding partners, accessing funding... NextMove can help you! Participating in European projects means opening up to new markets and networks, accessing new technologies, benefiting from funding opportunities and a recognized label of excellence (NextMove is certified Gold Label Cluster Management Excellence). The cluster has established numerous partnerships and privileged contacts with many European players: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Finland...

Our European partners


The European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA) is an international association that aims to promote and facilitate pre-competitive research on road transport systems within the European Research Area. It focuses on technologies and the value chain, with the aim of improving energy efficiency.

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The CCAM partnership aims to create user-centric connected and autumn mobility, while increasing safety, reducing congestion and contributing to decarbonization. To achieve this, the CCAM partnership puts forward the priorities of safety, environment, inclusiveness and competitiveness.

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The 2Zero partnership aims to enable Europe to have the first carbon neutral road transport system by 2050. To achieve this, the following priorities are highlighted:

  • Technology leadership supporting economic growth and job creation across Europe;
  • Ensuring European competitiveness through innovations for a carbon neutral road;
  • Improving the quality of life of EU citizens and ensuring the mobility of people and goods.
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The objective of the partnership is to restore the competitiveness of European industry and to provide innovation leadership in key sectors for the European Union. The partnership aims to ensure the competitiveness, sustainability and sovereignty of the European manufacturing industry, to defend Europe's technological leadership in the world and the prosperity and well-being of employees, consumers and society.

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The Battery partnership aims to support the development of a battery R&I ecosystem with a view to achieving European industrial leadership in the design and production of future generation batteries. In the long term, the objective is to develop a futuristic battery technology beyond 2030.

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European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plateform

The main objective of the partnership is to strengthen the regional innovation capacity beyond the automotive industry to facilitate investments based on the open innovation infrastructure and new technologies provided by the clusters in the regional ecosystem. The platform promotes and supports interregional projects.

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Our European projects

Current projects


E2Driver is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program through the call EE-8-2018: Capacity building programmes to support the implementation of energy audits. NextMove is one of the 12 partners of this project coordinated by the Spanish research center CIRCE. NextMove plays a central role in the involvement of French actors of the sector, mainly SMEs and decision makers. Engie is also involved and will bring its expertise. E2Driver started on June 1, 2019 for a period of 36 months. E2DRIVER wants to develop a collaborative and cooperative training platform to boost collective intelligence in energy efficiency within the automotive industry's subcontracting.

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HI-ECOWIRE aims to develop a sustainable and competitive production process with two major objectives: to improve the energy performance and efficiency of electric motors by 20% to 30% by increasing the thermal class from 240°C to 280/300°C and to replace the current coating with a polymer with improved thermal and dielectric performance. NextMove will be in charge of the dissemination of the results and the application to and for the automotive sector. The project, led by the Belgian company Materia Nova, will bring together 12 partners and is based on an international consortium (industries, research institutes) aiming to strengthen European competitiveness in the transport and energy production sector while reducing the carbon footprint and the use of CMR solvents.

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This is a European project, financed by the EIT Urban Mobility, whose objective is to respond to the urban mobility issues of major European cities through a series of workshops focused on user needs. It aims to find concrete solutions to urban mobility challenges using the Design Thinking methodology. In 2021, five European cities each host a fully online workshop to address their most important mobility challenges. Mobility enthusiasts from municipalities, universities, renowned companies and startups from around the world form teams to solve these real-world urban mobility challenges using user-centered methods.

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SMEs from all over Europe will be networked to generate value chains on autonomous and connected vehicles that meet the needs of the US, Canada and UAE markets. These SMEs will benefit from acceleration services, European matchmaking events, and a tailor-made mission in the target countries to establish technological and commercial partnerships.

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Mobinno Experience

MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES is funded by the EIT Urban Mobility and aims to bridge the gap between academia and entrepreneurship, providing key competences on entrepreneurship

innovation and mobility to potential entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens interested in urban mobility topics. The project will create high-quality audiovisual material focused on the real-life experiences of the most forward-thinking startups, companies, industry players and cities, and will be disseminated through an online platform (MooC) to bring together a digital community of people interested in mobility and innovation. By taking this course, the audience will learn skills such as innovation strategies, mobility challenges, attitude and entrepreneurship.

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RECiPE4Mobility is a 24-month project focused on the theme of safe and sustainable urban mobility. It aims to strengthen the management skills of the project's partner clusters, provide excellent services to our ecosystems, especially to SMEs, and generate cross-sectoral and cross-border European value chains.

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Within the framework of this project, innovative mobility solutions are to be initiated in at least 20 European cities in order to meet the challenges of urbanization, climate change and digitalization - underlying trends that make it inevitable to rethink mobility. The objective of the RECIPROCITY project is to connect urban and rural regions and to support them in the deployment of a multimodal transport offer (with at least two alternative means of transport) for smart and clean mobility.

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Regrouping Mobility clusters to develop Skills and Exchange. REMOBILISE is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening cluster management excellence while facilitating strategic connections between our clusters and our specialised ecosystems and cities across Europe, in the sector of mobility.

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The TREASURE project aims to provide new opportunities to test innovative technologies to make the automotive sector more circular economy based. The objective is to develop a scenario analysis simulation tool capable of quantifying the positive and negative implications of the circular economy, leading the European automotive supply chain towards its full transition to the circular economy.

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Completed projects


New technologies available in the field of transportation are constantly improving the safety, efficiency, durability and comfort of vehicles. Advances in vehicle automation will make it possible to put vehicles on the road in the near future with minimal human intervention. However, this paradigm shift brings its own set of challenges, both technological and non-technological. These challenges must be addressed to ensure the successful adoption of autonomous vehicles.

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The European initiative "Innosup" aims to develop new multi-sector industrial value chains across the European Union, building on the innovation potential of SMEs. The call for projects was launched by the European Commission in 2015 through the H2020 program. The Impact Connected Car (ICCar) project, in which Mov'eo is one of the partners, was approved and started in May 2017.

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Mobility Goes International – In Action

The European project MobiGoIn-Action gave the opportunity to SME members of four European clusters to go abroad (USA/Canada and China/Singapore) to approach the mobility and smart cities markets, benefiting from a tailored support. The international missions took place in 2019.

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The issues and problems of future mobility are very topical; major changes are expected over the next thirty years. SKILLFUL aims to identify and understand the consequences for jobs in the transport sector in the future. In addition, this project represents an opportunity for Mov'eo's member training organizations. Indeed, from September 2018, several major engineering schools (ESTACA, ENSTA ParisTech, ESIGELEC) and the VEDECOM Institute will be able to experiment with the European training modules, developed by experts in the framework of SKILLFUL.

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