Markets,technologies & trends


Among the markets addressed by the cluster and its members, we can mention in particular

Mobility solutions
  • One of the leading mobility hubs in Europe: more than 8 million trips per day
  • Autonomous vehicle "hubs": Paris Saclay, Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab...
  • Leading territory for the deployment of new forms of mobility: serviced mobility, ticketing, shared mobility, mobility on demand, new mobiles
Automotive industry
  • 30+ global carmakers and equipment manufacturers
  • 70% of French R&D in the cluster's territories
  • 5 world-class R&D centers
  • 500,000 vehicles produced in the region
Public Transports
  • World-class operators: Transdev, Vinci, SANEF...
  • A territory for experimenting with autonomous public transport vehicles
Nextmove Technologie & tendances


Recognized as a privileged place where fruitful cooperations are initiated, NextMove is a key reference on technologies and uses related to innovative and responsible mobility, in constant connection with the priorities of the sector and the activities of our members.


Mobility with low environmental footprint


Industrial & operational excellence


New services & mobility solutions


Safe, connected & autonomous mobility


The strong technology/market coupling is at the heart of NextMove's strategy since its creation. The creation of these 5 technological and industrial themes, perfectly complementary, is the perfect illustration of this strategy and allows us to address the technological markets and major trends in mobility with more than a hundred recognized experts, coming from all types of companies and structures.

Powertrains & Energy Management

Challenge: develop and optimize affordable powertrains with low CO2 and pollutant emissions.

Low environmental impact traction chains
  • Electrical machines
  • PAC
  • Thermal engine technologies using renewable energy carriers: H2, e-fuels, bio-fuels, bio-gas...
  • Power electronics
  • Architecture and systems: hybridization, energy management, retrofit...
Energy storage systems
  • Batteries: electrochemistry, pack, BMS, thermal...
  • Supercapacitors
  • Hydrogen tanks: liquid or solid
  • Phase change materials, flywheels
Infrastructure and network
  • Recharging or refueling infrastructures
  • Smart Grid, including vehicle or second life batteries in their operation
Electrical and electronic components
  • Electrification of functions and auxiliaries (including traction)
  • Static converters / power inverters
  • Reliability and robustness of power components
Tools, methods and new business models
  • Tools and methodologies for modeling, design, optimization and tuning (HIL, LCA...)
  • Dependability with system approach
  • New business models

Smart Mobility Solutions

Challenge: design, develop and integrate intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions for people and goods in urban and rural areas

Mobility: value-added services
  • New mobilities and new uses of the vehicle in the mobility chain (intermodality, sharing...)
  • Intelligent infrastructure and smart city
  • Mobility, digital and data
  • Economic and social dimensions of mobility
The Human: mobile for all
  • Mobile that integrates environmental and societal requirements
  • HMI - Human-Computer Interfaces
  • Ergonomics
  • Legibility of functions
  • Technologies and uses for all types of users
Technology: smart vehicles
  • Vehicle as a multi-source sensor/data platform
  • Autonomous vehicle
  • V2V, V2I communication
  • ITS and related services

Materials, Comfort & Environments

Challenges: reduce the energy requirements and environmental impact of vehicles by acting on materials and their associated processes, while improving reliability and onboard comfort and health interactions

Lightening and associated processes
  • Metallic materials
  • Composites, plastics
  • Glass
  • 3D printing
  • Assemblies
  • Architecture
Environment and associated processes
  • Recycled materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Substitution of strategic materials
  • Recycling
  • Circular economy
Onboard wellness
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility
  • Acoustics
  • Vibratory behavior
  • Cabin air quality
  • Lighting, plastronics
  • Functionalized materials
  • Numerical tools: multi-physics, materials, processes...
  • System approach, architectures, CPS...
  • Reliability, dynamic behavior, EMC
  • Ecodesign, LCA

Road User Safety

Issue: reduce road insecurity for all types of users in the city and on the road

  • Communicating cooperative systems
  • ADAS / Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Delegated and automated driving
  • Safety and infrastructure
The Human
  • User behavior analysis and monitoring
  • Human/system interaction and delegated driving
  • Impact of new technologies on the user
  • Transition from manual to delegated driving
  • Numerical approach
  • Experimental approach

Industrial & operational excellence

Stake: Contribute to all the challenges of the sector: digital, new processes, the place of the human being... And rely on integrated skills to disseminate the innovations developed to the industrial fabric.

Industrial performance

Provide SMEs with the organizational means to be more efficient and therefore more competitive with low-cost labor competitors: Benchmarking, Lean Manufacturing, Best Practices, Expert Clubs, Quality, Industry 4.0...

Innovation Process

Implementing innovative industrial processes for greater competitiveness: industrial resources, Industry E-Mobility Valley program, etc.

Industrialisation des innovations

To allow companies to industrialize their innovative products: Committee of industrial experts, gas pedals, studies...

Employment & Skills

Increasing the skills and employability, giving young people a taste for industry: high-level training, job fairs, management of supply and demand, Professions and Qualifications Automotive Campus...

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