Following an assessment of the quality of its governance and operational management, Mov’eo have just been awarded the “Organization Management Excellence Cluster Label Gold” by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECIS). Already certified Bronze in 2012, this ascent allows Mov’eo to distinguish by being now among the most successful clusters in Europe.

8e8eb9de-fba7-43ec-8d30-8076e9f15135This assessment was conducted as part of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECIS), created by the European Commission DG Enterprise in order to measure the performance level of the governance of European clusters.

This European approach is harmonized by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECIS) and the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM).

A score exceeding 92% out of 31 evaluation criteria

The cluster has a score exceeding 92% compliance on 31 evaluation criteria for its Management: operation, strategy, actions implemented, services offered, results … With this result, Mov’eo gets the Gold Label, demonstrating the quality of its operations and the success of its work program action.

Were particularly assessed:

  • Management and qualification of the permanent stafft
  • Strategy and performance monitoring
  • The composition of governance and ecosystem interactions
  • The European experience
  • The animation tools deployed: events, B2B meetings, thematic workshops …
  • Visibility and reputation at national and international level

Focus on Europe and international development

Mov’eo is recognized as a quality cluster and is now one part of 12 French competitiveness clusters that hold this label. By being among the most successful clusters in Europe, the cluster seeks better European and international recognition.

“Being awarded the Gold label is a very important step in the history of Mov’eo. The cluster is then recognized and rewarded for all its progress and is now one of the very best French clusters and joins the exclusive club of clusters holding this label in Europe. This label will strengthen the will of Mov’eo to increase its international exposure, especially participating European projects. This label is also for the whole Mov’eo team, its members and partners a matter of pride that rewards hard work and efforts since the creation of the cluster.”

Jacques CHAUVET, General Manager of Mov’eo.


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About Mov’eo – Imagine Mobility

Set up in 2006 and located in Normandy and Paris area (70% of the French automotive R&D), the Mov’eo competitiveness cluster brings together leading players in mobility to develop collaborative R&D projects. Mov’eo forges and animates links between major manufacturers, SMEs, Universities and laboratories, in order to build a dynamic industrial network that can meet the technological challenges of tomorrow’s clean and safe mobility. With 370 members and 335 approved projects (173 funded), Mov’eo has become in eight years a centre of scientific and technical excellence, a dynamic industrial network and a powerful, efficient automotive and mobility ecosystem. Through its offer of service (Mov’eo Mov’eo Development and Mov’eo Groups of SMEs), the cluster supports from the ideas to the market the projects and innovations of its 200 member SMEs

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