NGI Explorers Program is looking for Europe’s Top researchers and innovators in emerging Internet technologies to join a unique opportunity in the US.


NGI Explorers :  The Next Generation Internet Mobility Program is the program to launch Europe’s best Internet talents (Researchers and Innovators) into technology Expeditions to the United States, catalyzing the impact of their disruptive ideas.

The program

Selected explorers will get on board a 3-6 month journey 100% sponsored to gain the skills and build the networks that will catalyze the success of their ambitious ideas fueled by the Next Generation Internet.




The expeditions will be complemented with a portfolio of services to boost the roll-out of disruptive products with a pre- immersion week, some mentoring, business development and a competition at the end of each batch with an Awards Ceremony – the NGI Oscars.


This will be a unique opportunity to strengthen and articulate their ideas while building traction among a whole new network of partners and customers.

Participants will be hosted by US partners, integrating the Explorers in their teams and supporting them in their endeavors.

Explorers will gain the skills and build the networks to transform Europe into the powerhouse of the Next Generation Internet.



The Focus Areas include emerging technologies such as 5G, Cloud/Edge, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, and all those enablers that will drive the Digital Economy in the next 15 years.


Practical informations

1st Open Call is ready for submissions.

Deadline the 31st of July 12pm CEST


How to participate ? → click here

  • Check the guidelines for applicants
  • Choose your application option 

 – Open ideas : propose a disruptive idea based on your line of research, product or service

 – Challenges: apply to one of the challenges of our US nodes (23 different challenges)

  • Apply to the open call


Webinar next June 25th, at 11:00am CEST 

A step-by-step guide! 


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