Whether you’re looking to set up a European project, searching for international partners or seeking to access funding, NEXTMOVE can help you!
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NextMove is expanding its international network to respond to its members and their needs. Our International Unit is active both at the European level and across the world, offering you guidance tailored to your requirements.

European projects: networking, business and up to 100% funding

Participation in European projects opens up new markets and channels, provides access to new technology and attractive funding (up to 100% subsidies for R&D), all with the added benefit of a recognised seal of excellence.

The support we offer

  • We keep a close eye out for European calls for proposals
  • We assist our members by providing training, advice, partner-finding services/introductions to existing consortiums
  • We offer DAS guidance and certification
  • We represent you within a number of European bodies including the EGVIA, NWG and many more.

Find out what NextMove can do for you

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Expeditions within Europe and around the world

NextMove developed its global network several years ago  The idea behind the move was to give its members a way to reach new markets and get their hands on all of the tools they need to take their businesses global. These representatives facilitate networking and are there to provide the custom support you need both pre- and post-project in order to ensure that you reach your objectives.

8e8eb9de-fba7-43ec-8d30-8076e9f15135NextMove is a cluster of excellence that is recognised at European level with solid ties to numerous other clusters like it around the world.