Whether you’re looking to set up a European project, searching for partners or seeking to access funding, NextMove can help you!

Participation in European projects opens up new markets and channels, provides access to new technology and attractive funding (up to 100% subsidies for R&D), all with the added benefit of a recognised seal of excellence.

The support we offer
  • We keep a close eye out for European calls for proposals
  • We assist our members by providing training, giving advice, helping them to find the right call for projects and by offering partner-finding services/introductions to existing consortiums.
  • We offer guidance and project certification from our team of subject-matter experts
  • We represent you within a number of European bodies including the EGVIA, NWG and many more.

NextMove is a member of the French National Contact Point (NCP) for Transport

Certifying your European project

Certification of your European projects is carried out by our various subject-matter steering committees. The process is multi-stage:

  • The project is first presented by its promoter to the Steering Committee
  • It is then assessed by the Steering Committee, who will afterwards provide its expert feedback
  • Finally, it is certified and a NextMove Letter of Endorsement is issued to be attached to the European project (if the project is two-stage, for Phase 2)

European networks

A network of National Contact Points (NCPs) has been established in all Horizon 2020 beneficiary countries at the request of the European Commission. With a view to assisting France-based Horizon 2020 project promoters, the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR) is deploying, leading and invigorating a new network of National Contact Points tasked with enacting the Ministry’s action plan to boost French involvement in the European programme.

The job of these NCPs

  • To provide information and raise awareness with regard to the various Horizon 2020 project funding avenues;
  • To provide assistance, advice and training in how the programme works;
  • To make people aware of and point them in the direction of other sources of funding (European and domestic) that can better meet their needs, while also putting them in touch with the support services for these funding sources.
  • The French NCPs are consortia of actors whose job it is to engage with project promoters and perform all of these tasks. The National Contact Point is responsible for the ‘Smart, green and integrated transport’ challenge. NextMove is a member of the NCP for Transport.


The EGVIA – the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association is an international association aimed at promoting and facilitating pre-competitive research into road transport systems within the European Research Space. Its focus is technology and the value chain as a way of improving energy efficiency.

This legal entity was created in 2013 for the purpose of entering into a public-private partnership with the European Commission and now has 86 members from the industrial and research sectors; it represents the private sector in the EGVI PPP.

The Association is presided over by BMW’s Stephan Neugebauer, who is also President of the ERTRAC (European Road Transport Research Advisory Council).

NextMove is a member of the EGVIA.

European Strategic Cluster Partnerships – Going International (ESCPs-4i)

NextMove is member of an ESCPs-4I alliance : MobiGoIn.

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