Service excellence and cross-border collaboration

Mov’eo is pleased to be the project coordinator of RECiPE4Mobility since February 2020. A project which brings together 5 clusters in Germany (E-Mobility), Hungary (ZONE), the Netherlands (AutomotiveNL) and Portugal (Mobinov). Their aim: to join forces and pool the best of their expertise to provide always better services to their members.


RECiPE4Mobility (stands for Regrouping European Clusters in a Partnership of Excellence for Mobility) is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening our clusters’ management skills, providing professional services to our ecosystems, notably SMEs, and generating cross-sectorial and cross-border European value chains in the urban mobility sector. 



Focused on the safe and sustainable urban mobility thematic, the partnership will :

  • Develop comprehensive strategies and implementation roadmaps both at clusters and partnership levels
  • Organise twinning, networking and learning activities and implementing collaboration activities
  • Implementing the RECiPE4Mobility ClusterXchange pilot, which will organize at least 50 short-term exchanges, including at least 25 for SMEs, 5 exchanges for cluster managers, 10 exchanges for technology centres, and 10 exchanges for other scaling-up support organizations.
  • Ensure outreach, awareness-raising and long-term activities.


RECiPE4Mobility ClusterXchange pilot