GenesisSharing of skills & assets

image de The platform for sharing skills and assets

The platform for sharing skills and assets

You faced a temporary increase or decrease in activity? Are you looking for an alternative solution to short-time work and short contracts, which is both simple and advantageous? Do you want to rationalize or optimize your production resources?

Powered by NextMove, the Genesis platform allows you to lend and request labor or production resources, regardless of your sector of activity and in strict compliance with legislation.

Take advantage of the benefits of the circular economy with GENESIS

  • Skills sharing in a secure legal framework: flexibility for companies, proximity and security for employees, an alternative to downsizing solutions (partial unemployment, layoffs, etc.), a solution to specific needs with qualified resources (-30 to -40%), the development of employees' experience and skills as well as the collective intelligence of territories and companies in order to make labor costs more variable in a particular economic context

  • Sharing of goods between companies: make available the end of stocks, spare parts, premises...

  • Equipment rental: rent equipment easily thanks to the connection between the different actors of the region

  • Visibility of your industrial expertise : give visibility to your expertise on the platform...