NextMove aims to embody, animate and promote the “Mobility Valley”, a European area of ​​excellence that invents, develop, experience and industrialize solutions to meet the challenges of the mobility of the future.

This ambition is part the automotive indutry’s strategic contact roadmap challenges:

Technological disruption with electrification & the evolution of the energy mix
Digital disruption with connected, intelligent, autonomous vehicle
Societal disruption with new mobility offers

The Mobility Valley, the French automotive industry’s historic birthplace, has all the assets to become the leading Automotive & Mobility ecosystem in Europe able to meet these challenges:

One of the first “Automotive and Mobility” ecosystems in Europe along the entire value chain
  • 25% of 440 000 jobs in the automotive industry upstream
  • 575,000 vehicles produced in its territory: Poissy, Sandouville, Flins, Dieppe, Blainville …
  • World-class R&D centers: Technocentre Guyancourt Renault (12,000 people), Vélizy PSA Technical Center (5,000 people), Valeo in Cergy, Créteil, La Verrière and Bobigny (6,700 people), Faurecia Etampes (3,200 people).
  • Global operators: EDF, Transdev, Vinci, JC Decaux, SANEF …
  • Research and training institutions recognized worldwide with the Saclay Plateau and the Rouen Normandie Science and Engineering Campus.

One of the first mobility hubs in Europe
  • More than 8 million daily trips by public transport
  • Metropolises with representative sizes: Caen, Le Havre, Rouen and Paris.

Additional sectors of excellence
  • Automotive, digital, energy, aeronautics, logistics
  • Many sectors that complement and feed each other in the same spirit of collaborative development.

The privileged territory for the development of mobility solutions for the future
  •  Zoé, the first electric car designed by Renault in Guyancourt, assembled in Flins (Yvelines) with an engine produced in Cléon (Seine-Maritime).
  • Test tracks at Linas-Montlhéry (UTAC-CERAM) and Versailles-Satory (IFSTTAR-VEDECOM) on the Innovative Mobility Cluster.
  • Communities positioning themselves as autonomous vehicle hub with two large-scale experiments: EVAPS (Ecomobility by Autonomous Vehicles on the territory of Paris Saclay) and Rouen Normandie Autonomous Lab.
  • A new mobilities deployment’s territory: Mobility as a Service (MaaS), ticketing, shared mobility, mobility on demand, new mobiles…

Our missions

7 strategic goals for the Mobility Valley


As an important condition for the cluster’s development and promotion in France and internationally, the consolidation of NextMove’s innovation ecosystem requires strengthening of its anchoring on the Seine axis and an enlargement of the circle of the Automotive and Mobility sector. To this end, a set of complementary and coherent actions and initiatives will be deployed.


NextMove must be recognized as the privileged place where fruitful cooperation are emerging, as the abolut reference on the technologies and uses related to the innovative and responsible mobility in its four “drivers”, in constant link with the priorities of the sector and the activities of our members.

4 innovation drivers

4 R&D themes that fit into the national and European roadmaps

Mobility with low environmental footprint

Contribute to all the challenges of the sector, with a specificity on two themes: low-emission engines (thermal, electric, hybrid) and lightening, while relying on full lifecycle analysis of vehicles or mobility services.

Safe, connected & autonomous mobility

Contribute to all the challenges of the sector, with a specificity on two themes: safety of the road users (accidentology, human behavior, safe technologies … etc., subjects of expertise of the pole) and autonomous vehicle (bricks technological and demonstration projects).

New services & mobility solutions

Take an interest in the entire chain for mobility, whatever it may be, with a specific positioning on two themes: experimentation and deployment of new mobility solutions in the Mobility Valley’s territories and new mobility : shared, alternatives, activ…

Industrial & operational excellence

Contribute to all the sector’s challenges: digital, new processes, the place of the human being… especially in the framework of a reinforced partnership with ASTech & Systematic. And rely on the integrated skills of ARIA to disseminate innovations developed in the industrial fabric.


The ongoing transformations should not be a threat but a great opportunity for SMEs and start-ups in our industry. The challenge is to put innovative companies with high potential in the best conditions of development. Especially by creating meetings that will promote their growth and attractiveness …


The European and international dimension is part of NextMove’s DNA. The ambition to make the Mobility Valley a nerve center for new mobility solutions requires an agile strategy of international deployment.


The current transformations require a decompartmentalization of the actors and a reinforced collaboration with the territories. With its geographic, economic, scientific and industrial strengths, the Mobility Valley offers an ideal environment to stimulate, organize and implement concrete solutions that meet the mobility challenges of the regions.


The competitiveness of the sector is based on two pillars: its ability to innovate and the continuous improvement of its industrial performance. The merger of NextMove with the Regional Association for Automotive Industry will pool our actions to serve industrial companies.


It is essential to anticipate the changing skills and employment needs that will help meet the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. Relying on innovation, NextMove will contribute to this challenge by giving birth to new training and new vocations, also by participating in a plural and coordinated action for a constant reinforcement of the sector’s attractiveness.


In parallel with the deployment of the 7 strategic goals, NextMove will have to take on several organizational challenges in order to meet the challenges of Competitiveness cluster’s Phase IV and sustain its operations: merging with the ARIA, bringing together with the other divisions and VEDECOM, evolving governance and of the economic model of the association.

Synergies within the industry

Closer ties with other clusters

  • Enhanced cooperation with ASTech & Normandie AeroEspace on automotive-aeronautical convergence
  • Enhanced cooperation with Systematic on the theme “Digital for Intelligent Mobility & Sustainable Mobility” 
  • Enhanced cooperation with Cap Digital on digital technologies 
  • Integration in the inter-cluster Smart Energy French Clusters (SEFC), particularly on the “Smart Grid” theme