DIGIMOBEE is a young innovative company created in 2013, member of the French cluster Mov’eo, and working in the sector of public transport engineering as well as software integration and edition.

Since 2014 DIGIMOBEE has won two Horizon 2020 projects: ESBF2 (on remote diagnosis of vehicles and IT standards adoption by Public Transport) and MASAI (on the design of a plug&play IT network for mobility services) for a revenue close to €1 million. For Dominique Descolas, CEO, the main benefits reaped from the participation in European consortia are the relationships established with new partners, as well as the visibility and business opportunities. He also emphasises the importance to be a work package leader to benefit fully from this participation.

Digimobee_Dominique-Descolas-4-BD-NB“These H2020 projects are exciting, and DigiMobee takes a real pleasure to be part of them. It is essential if you want to keep the creativity and energy in these projects in the long term!”

Dominique DESCOLAS, DigiMobee’s Chairman

These projects’ contributions represents today 20 % of the company’s turnover and allows investments in research and innovation. However, DIGIMOBEE warns potential applicants on the necessity to find partners with compatible goals. You need as well to understand the European Commission’s expectations and rules, therefore to use the expertise of a consultant having a working knowledge of the Commission is wise.