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June 18th 2021 📅 START, NextMove’s annual convention: a head start for innovation in a changing automotive and mobility sector

June 7th 2021 📅 Caux Seine Development & NextMove join forces to support local businesses via the Genesis platform

March 31st 2021 📅 MillaGroup, Nexyad and YoGoKo launch OASIS project with ADAS solution for all

March 11th 2021 📅 Alternative to partial unemployment and short contracts: the NextMove competitiveness cluster launches the GENESIS platform (French)

January 7th 2021 📅 The Mov’eo competitiveness cluster becomes NextMove

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About NextMove

NextMove, a competitiveness cluster created in June 2006 and based in the Normandy and Île-de-France regions (70% of French automotive R&D), NextMove embodies, animates and promotes the “Mobility Valley”, an area of European excellence where solutions are invented, developed, tested and industrialized to meet the challenges of mobility today and tomorrow. Bringing together the main players in mobility and the French automotive industry, NextMove weaves and animates links between major manufacturers, SMEs, start-ups, academics, research centers and territories in a dynamic network capable of meeting the technological challenges of innovative and responsible mobility. NextMove brings together more than 600 member institutions and supports more than 500 labeled projects (including more than 250 funded projects). It is the largest French network of scientific and technical excellence where sustainable collaborations are built between the different actors of the Automotive and Mobility ecosystem.

Roadmap 2019-22 (French)

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Annual report 2020

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