key area_imsIntelligent mobility solutions

The challenge: designing, developing and integrating intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions, for both people and goods, in urban and rural areas.

Key technologies of the 2013-2018 performance contract

ITS for safety and services

Made possible by the integration into vehicles of new information and communication technologies, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) improve road safety and offer new in-vehicle services.

Infrastructure: 5th generation roads

The roads of tomorrow, the so-called 5th generation, will be intelligent. Various innovations are being developed to make roads more automated, safer and more durable: intelligent traffic management, energy exchanges between vehicles and the infrastructure, vehicle-infrastructure communication, self-diagnostics, etc.

Technologies for seniors and the mobility impaired

To ensure that mobility is accessible to all, a host of systems are now being installed to assist drivers and facilitate safe driving: driver monitoring, alerts, navigation system optimisation, partial delegation of driving tasks, etc.

Work streams of Key Area IMS

STREAM 1 – Mobility

Value-added services

  • New mobility solutions and new uses for vehicles within the mobility chain (intermodal transport, sharing, etc.)
  • Intelligent infrastructure and smart cities
  • Mobility, digital technology and data
  • Economic and social dimensions of mobility
STREAM 2 – Human aspects

Mobility for all

  • Mobility solutions that take into account environmental and societal constraints
  • MMI – Man-Machine Interfaces
  • Ergonomics
  • Clarity of functions
  • Technologies and their applications for all types of user
STREAM 3 – Technology

Smart vehicles

  • Vehicles as multi-source data receivers/data platforms
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • V2V and V2I communication
  • ITS and related services
Examples of products stemming from R&D projects

Hype by STEP

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