key area_rusRoad User Safety

The challenge: improving road safety for all types of users in urban areas and beyond

Key technologies of the 2013-2018 performance contract

ADAS and automated driving technologies

Driving assistance systems continue to be developed. Their purpose is to improve safety by helping the driver to control their vehicle (cruise control, lane departure warning system, emergency braking, intelligent lighting, etc.). These systems are being constantly improved and are increasingly common on vehicles at every level of the market.

Man-machine interaction and coordination for safety and services

The implementation of driving assistance systems and new on-board services (communication, multimedia, etc.) requires the development of intelligent Man-Machine Interaction (MMI): in-vehicle integration (compactness), tactile interfaces, head-up displays, etc. These interfaces must be practical and suited to both the driving context and the driver’s behaviour, so that they themselves do not become a hazard, notably by distracting the driver, but are a genuine aid to driving.

Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle users are particularly vulnerable. The risk per km travelled of being killed on a motorcycle is 20 times higher than in a car. There are numerous projects geared towards adapting automotive technologies to motorcycles (ABS, ESP, airbags, visibility, etc.), but also towards better understanding the behaviour of riders on the road so as to reduce the risks they face.

Work streams of Key Area “Road User Safety”

STREAM 1 – Technologies
  • Connected cooperative systems
  • ADAS / Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Delegated and automated driving
  • Safety and infrastructures
STREAM 2 – Human aspects
  • Analysis of road user behaviour and monitoring
  • Man-system interaction and delegated driving
  • Impact of new technologies on users
  • Transition from manual to delegated driving
STREAM 3 – Simulation
  • Digital approach
  • Experimental approach
Examples of products stemming from R&D projects


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