Powertrains & Energy Management

Challenges & mission : develop and optimize affordable drivetrains with low CO2 and pollutant emissions

Work areas of the “Powertrains & Energy Management” Strategic Activity Area
Low environmental impact power trains
  • Electric machines
  • PAC
  • Thermal engine technologies using renewable energy carriers: H2, e-fuels, bio-fuels, bio-gas, etc.
  • Power electronics
  • Architecture and systems: hybridization, energy management, retrofit, etc.
Energy storage systems
  • Batteries (electrochemistry, pack, BMS, thermal…)
  • Supercapacitors
  • H2 tanks (liquid or solid)
  • Phase change materials, flywheels
Infrastructures and network
  • Recharging or refueling infrastructures
  • Smart Grid, including vehicle or second life batteries in their operation
Electrical & electronic components
  • Electrification of vehicle functions and auxiliary systems (including powertrains)
  • Static converters / power inverters
  • Reliability and robustness of power components
Tools, methods and new business models
  • Tools and methodologies for modeling, design, optimization and tuning (HIL, LCA…)
  • Dependability with system approach
  • New business models
Examples of products stemming from R&D projects

VCRi by MCE5-Development

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