groupement ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Creation : décembre 2013

Activité:  Groupement ADAS  is made up of 14 high-technology SMEs and address road safety challenges and driving comfort needs bringing electronic and digital innovation into your vehicles. Providing multidisciplinary expertise and interoperable cutting edge technologies, our customers get support in creating and integrating new ADAS solutions in their specific environment.

Markets  : automotive and shuttle manufacturers, insurance companies, fleet management companies and public transport operators.
Fast Facts : Turnover : 17 M€, Cumulative staff  : >160,  > 20  R&D collaborative projects financed by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance (FUI)

Product : Perception Kit made ofn composé de 14 modules natively interoperable

Modules:  EcoGyzer, eVA, I-Deep, LeddarCore, LeddarVu, NeuroRBF, NSWeight, ObstaNex, Roadnex, RTMaps, SafetyNex, VisiNex, Y-Konnect,  4DV-SIM 



groupement ADAS Members 

“The development of new advanced driver assistance systems is an extremely important step forward in the design of the vehicles of tomorrow – particularly in their contribution to the optimal safety of all passengers which means more lives saved. It is an area of research and development that needs to bring together expertise and skills as vast as they are specialized. All of these cross-cutting and complementary skills have existed for a long time within the Mov’eo Cluster so the Groupement ADAS was created very naturally. This group is without doubt destined to grow very quickly”



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