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Mov’eo provides a wide range of high-value services to its SME members. Among them :



Source of consortium and flourishing ecosystems


Client profile: SMEs and other members

Client need: looking for business and technological partners

Provided solutions:

Mov’eo network gathers around 380 companies or research centres in the field of mobility. As a cluster, Mov’eo, with its ecosystem, is building or participating in many European projects (H2020 Transport; COSME; RoK ; INTERREG…). We always are interested in potential collaboration with other clusters in Europe or other scaling up support organisations which want to have a better impact, united in a wide group. Our main duties in a project is to strengthen the cooperation between SME’s and all the stakeholders but also to develop a large network of stakeholders, improve the collaboration with industries at European level and beyond, develop new innovation networks and groups of SMEs. Finally strengthen its capacity to support SMEs in their development from idea to market. Mov’eo creates and manage advisory groups which capitalise on the expertise of the most relevant European stakeholders. In this way, companies become a part of a community of excellence, a dynamic industrial network and a high-performing and flourishing ecosystem.



R&D projects support and expertise, the Expert Committees


Client profile: SMEs and other members

Client Need: Digitalise mobility services to improve end-users’ experiences

Solution provided:

Mov’eo services allow to transform your R&D projects into competitive goods or services on the market. We actively support our members in their R&D and business development across our borders. In Europe, the cluster is taking part to a lot of projects and other ecosystems and so, take benefits of a strong expertise in innovation funding. Internationally, Mov’eo organises frequent missions to keep ties with its partners. Its network of around 100 experts address about thirty relevant key technologies in the mobility market: electric and hybrid vehicles, thermal vehicles, autonomous and connected vehicles, lightweight vehicles, Smart Cities, industry 4.0 and more. The challenge is about to encourage innovation to boost competitiveness in the mobility markets of the future.

Mov’eo labelling system acts as a lever for R&D projects’ funding. In France, and thanks to the Mov’eo label, projects can more easily access public funding.



Networking activities


Client profile: SMEs and other members

Client Need: develop a wide ecosystem network

Solution provided:

Working with Mov’eo can allow you to have an access on a unique network of partners, composed of key industry players, midcaps SMEs, prestigious research organizations, regional players or important agencies in the innovation ecosystem and European networks. It can be seen through one of the most impressive Mov’eo annual event: the Imagine Mobility Meetings (IMM) which totalize each year more than 600 B2B meetings in the field of mobility. With over 200 professionals, the event keeps an international shape which many partners expect and appreciate. This makes it possible for professionals to meet new potential business partners or just exchange with all the experts or discover Mov’eo ecosystem. On top of that, the collaboration with the Regional Association of the Automotive Industry (RAVI) and « Paris Région Enterprises » agency (PRE) contributes at a fruitful event, rich of meetings, opportunities and development. 



Other kinds of support to our members


Client profile: SMEs and other members

Client Need: Support the activities of the members

Solution provided:


  • Mov’eo Business Accelerator (MBA) :

At Mov’eo, members are supported by a hundred Technology and Business experts to support projects of its members. The MBA is a collaborative instance which manage the companies and projects’ support to the market. Its mission is to leads the SMEs with great potential in their business strategy and enhance the commercialization of their innovations. 

The MBA activities are complementary to those of Thematic technical experts’ committees which also assess companies’ R&D projects when the financing conditions contain criteria related to markets. In this case, experts labelize them and provide an added-value to companies’ projects, in particular during project call for SMEs.


  • IMPACT Connected Car accomplishments.

IMPACT Connected Car is an European-funded accelerator for connected vehicles, in which Mov’eo is a partner.

First of all, the objective is to build a wide community around this theme and propose an acceleration programme for innovative start-ups and SMEs of the automotive sector. After the selection of the most relevant ones, financial resources will be unlocked, and their ongoing projects can be carried out to their completion (disruptive, digital, technical, funding bootcamps).

IMPACT Connected Car allows creating an emulsion between start-ups, SMEs, different actors from the automotive sector, public actors or researchers. From this, results the creation and the structuration of new value chains for the automotive industry. In the end, it is about 4000 European actors of the connected vehicles who will be grouped together in this programme in the common goal of digitalizing vehicles.


  • Groupings, a collaborative business objective.

Groupings systems allow SMEs and Midcaps to come together and develop themselves through projects, building a joint proposal to answer industrial requests they would not be able to respond to individually. It is an entire economic model that takes shape between several actors, in B2B meetings. It is a research of technological complementarities’ association to get stronger. This results in a value chain that is more likely to be relevant to the interests of the biggest companies. But the group also makes it possible to complete each taking part companies’ catalog, to diversify their activities, to share costs, etc. There are 4 groups animated by Mov’eo as of today:


  • INI: developing the digital aspect of the automotive field, in its integrated forms: embedded and nomadic systems, mechanical and mechatronic systems, special machines in industrial laboratories, intelligent production lines in factories, complex logistics, intelligent terminals at points of sale, etc.
  • ADAS : or « Advanced Driving Assistance Systems”, which include all technologies and systems for active driver information security or assistance in order to:

– avoid the occurrence of a dangerous situation that could lead to the accident

– free the driver from several tasks that could reduce his alertness.

– assist the driver in his perception of the environment (overtaking detector, frost risk detector, etc.).

  • Prodeo: A group 100% based in Normandy,which have the ambition of proposing to the production units’ leaders some methods and tools to quantify and improve:
    • The competitiveness
    • The profitability
    • The industrial organization
    • The employees’ well-being
    • These methods are based on a « Factory of the Future » scheme, on the exploitation and the valuation of existing data or specifically acquired data.


  • Plast’eo : The group is positioning itself in a support approach of industrials to improve plastic pieces’ performances and the addition of new functionalities. Plast’eo advice those in charge of the materials choices, processes and design assistance of their products’ strategic pieces.


  • The EIP Label (Innovative Company of Clusters)

Startups and SMEs evolve within Mov’eo and differ for each other by their strong potential in innovation, market and their insertion in a growing ecosystem favourable to their development. This potential is based on the commercialization of innovation they develop and notably on an effective access to equity financing.

In this context, companies have to be audible and visible to financial investors. This highlight can be brought by the Label “Innovative Company of Clusters” issued by the signatory clusters of this charter, including Mov’eo, and supported by a network of partners and the State.

The Label has for main objectives to allow selected companies to:

  • Introduce their development project in front of experts and investors’ committees.
  • Propose to selected companies a fundraising support programme.
  • Facilitate meetings with investors with a view to funding.


  • Daily Monitoring

Supporting the members of Mov’eo’ ecosystem is a priority for the cluster. Indeed, the services provided include first and foremost an extensive and adapted support to the market as well as the support in the construction of development actions through:

  • The support of each company’s project until its achievement (R&D or European)
  • Foster business opportunities between major accounts and SMEs/ Start-ups.
  • Foster project emergence between major accounts, SMEs/Start-ups and collectivities.

Thus, there are solutions for ecosystem management through various workshops that aim to raise awareness and educate the various members to create initiatives and meetings within the cluster.


Digital innovation services


As a digital innovation hub, Mov’eo supports startups and SMEs in their digital transformation and the creation of new digital products and services.


We especially enable digital innovation on the following topics :

  • Development of digital capabilities;
  • Identification of financial resources for digital innovation;
  • Digital ecosystem and culture;
  • Organization of digital innovation competition (Artificial Intelligence challenges);
  • Development of digital partners’ ecosystem;
  • Implementation of Factory of the Future tools and methodologies;
  • Organize a technical watch on the digital innovation trends in the mobility sector.