Collaborative innovation demonstrator NextCar

Take advantage of the strength of collaboration to demonstrate and

  • promote your innovations in real conditions & rely on the strength of the NextMove network
  • network to approach your customers and potential users
  • mutualize your prospecting and business development costs

Collaborative demonstrator vehicle for Automotive & Mobility SMEs

The demonstrator will integrate up to 10 innovations, technology bricks providing solutions to the main strategic innovation areas of the sector. NextMove will ensure the visibility of the demonstrator and its innovations to the automotive and mobility ecosystem through communication and commercial actions (press relays, marketing materials, participation in trade shows, contacts with sectoral principals, demonstrations on tracks, etc.). Participating SMEs also have the possibility of using the demonstrator vehicle for their individual needs.

Main benefits of this approach for SMEs

  • Benefit from the power of collaboration to demonstrate and promote their innovations in real conditions
  • To have access to a physical demonstrator, without having to manage the related investment and management constraints
  • To share their prospecting and business development costs
  • To benefit from the strength of the NextMove network to approach potential customers and users

Demonstration platform

The vehicle base for the first NextMove collaborative demonstrator is a state-of-the-art Renault Mégane Estate PHEV (plug-in hybrid estate).

The vehicle is made available to the cluster free of charge by the Renault Les Ulis teams.

Financial model

NextMove will bear the costs of providing, insuring, maintaining and storing the demonstrator. The cluster also bears the costs of integrating the innovations into the vehicle, with the support of the technical teams of the SMEs involved, if necessary.

NextMove promotes the demonstrator, according to specifications established jointly with the participating SMEs at the start of the operation. These actions are invoiced by NextMove to the selected companies (€10.000 over 6 months). Thanks to the collaborative mode of operation, the costs are mutualized, thus reduced, for the innovation carriers.

In addition, the investment and launch costs of this demonstrator service are mainly covered by Ademe - French Environmental and Energy Management Agency - and the Normandy Region, which is financing the operation as part of the CPIER Vallée de la Seine.

Good Angel: Connected breathalyzer with anti-starting, facial recognition and geolocation.

Good Angel.png

The Good Angel company develops and markets a connected and mobile breathalyzer. The device is able to connect to any box equipped with a GSM, Bluetooth or WiFi module