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Treasure project Spring school

From April 24th to 26th, the TREASURE project organize a spring school. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a dynamic community driving innovation and sustainability in the circular economy.

  1. Facilitate Collaboration: Our primary objective is to convene a diverse group of stakeholders involved in the TREASURE project and the broader circular economy ecosystem. By bringing together experts, innovators, and practitioners, we aim to catalyze discussions and forge meaningful collaborations.

  2. Showcase Project Results: Throughout the event, we will showcase the tangible outcomes of the TREASURE project, including innovative applications and tools developed by the consortium members. Through presentations and demonstrations, attendees will gain valuable insights into the project's impact and potential applications in real-world scenarios.

  3. Foster Long-Term Partnerships: Building on the momentum generated by the TREASURE project, we seek to establish lasting partnerships and collaborations. By fostering connections between projects, partners, and CE stakeholders, we aim to lay the groundwork for sustained progress and innovation in the field of circular economy.

The program :

Wednesday, 24th April - Mama Shelter Paris West Porte de Versailles

Afternoon :

The 1st day will be dedicated to discover the exploitable results from the TREASURE project including demos and business cases. External stakeholders will also introduce their "on track" initiatives around circular economy and how the business model can be changed.

Speakers :

  • Introduction of the French ecosystem, PFA (Platforme Française Automobile)
  • Presentation of the TREASURE project results, TREASURE partners
  • Circular Economy Partners' Initiatives presentations, FORVIA, STMIcroelectronics & TBC


The day will conclude on an informal networking cocktail dinner, to allow the participants to discuss further on collaboration opportunities.

Thursday, 25th April - Renault Flins Plant


Visit of the Refactory, Renault plant in Flins: Europe's first circular economy factory dedicated to mobility. An industrial and commercial ecosystem created by Renault Group, open to start-ups and partnerships. Its aim is to encourage initiatives, develop innovation at the service of the circular economy, and contribute to Renault Group's ambition to achieve carbon neutrality at its industrial sites in Europe by 2040.

The site is organized around 4 business units, each with its own specialty: Re-trofit, Re-energy, Re-cycle and Re-start.

Afternoon :

Training session on Circular Economy fundamentals: understanding the impacts of the linear economic system, identifying the various levers for action to build a circular economy, based on concrete examples, becoming aware of the need to change one's behavior, situating your professional activity within the circular industry

Friday, 26th April - CCFA Paris (Restricted to TREASURE and sisters projects partners)

Morning :

Workshop with Circular Economy Sisters Projects - dedicated to project partners

What is there for you

Services included

  • Transport in France (Bus to Renault Flins site)
  • Lunch (day 2)
  • Dinner & Networking dinner (Day 1)

Services not included :

  • Transportation to get to and come back
  • Hotel
  • Dinner Day 2