Webinar Reciprocity - Autonomous driving and acceptability: an impossible story?


Autonomous driving and acceptability: an impossible story ?

That's what we are going to ask ourselves during this webinar/matchmaking


• 15h-16h30 : Webinar/Plenary session • 16h-18h : Matchmaking/ « RECIPROCITY Challenge

Webinar/Plenary session | 15h-16h30

15h00 | Plenary session : How actors of the ecosystem can work together towards the acceptability of autonomous driving by stakeholders, citizens, business... (45 minutes). Discussion is going to be led by Nicolas Marescaux - Deputy-Manager - MACIF

15h45 | Presentation of relevant projects (45 min) :

15h45 | Presentation of the outcomes of the research projects "AI Trustworthiness and autonomous driving" by RISC and LCM (Austria): The outcome was an R&D roadmap on how to successfully realise autonomous driving in Upper Austria and which challenges we still have to face. (10-15min)

16h00 | Presentation of the Autonomous People Mover Regensburg (EMILIA) by Christian Barth - das Stadtwerk Regensburg.Mobilität GmbH (Germany): Since 01 September 2021, two fully electric autonomous shuttle buses have been running on a ring route in the Regensburg industrial park as part of a two-year pilot project. Through this innovative cooperation project, the mobility of the future can be tested and made tangible in urban areas. The goal is to jointly learn more about autonomous driving in public transport and to identify social as well as technical prerequisites for achieving a higher level of automation. During the webinar, a field report from the current operation will be presented as well as an outlook on the route definition for possible follow-up projects. You can also look forward to seeing the shuttle buses in action in an image film. (30min)

Matchmaking/ « RECIPROCITY Challenge | 16h30 – 18h00