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NEXYAD is a French high-tech company founded in 1995, and has developed a Global Road Safety Platform that includes computer vision based perception algorithms, and risk assessment, onboard in real time. This platform is for sale through onboard software modules user licences destined to be massively deployed in vehicles. Applications are : . proactive telematics for fleets and insurers : risk assessment provided by NEXYAD alerts driver and reduces accident rate by 20%. . Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), and in particular, cockpit applications, and intelligent ACC (Automatic Cruise Control) that can be used safely in urban areas and on countryside roads (in addition to highways). Assessed risk can be recorded, and this is a new opportunity to propose “value proven ADAS”, and validated value data for connected vehicle business model . Autonomous Vehicle, and for the first time, an autonomous vehicle can be “aware” of the driving risk it is taking, and then be adaptive to unknown situations (not planned by engineers) . Off-road safety applications, including railway