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Phénoménologie du mélange turbulent en écoulement gazeux inhomogène à viscosité et densité variables
Statut : En cours

Coordinateur / Pilote : CORIA
Date de démarrage : 2013-02-01
Durée : 36
Type d'appels à projets : ANR
Appel à projet : BLANC 2012

Budget global : 1179683.2 €
Partenaires : CORIA, IRPHE

In variable viscosity or density flows, we will study the effect of the hydrodynamical (Reynolds number) and physico-chemical parameters (density ratio and viscosity) on the behaviour of the dynamical system (velocity and scalar field) at various scales (mean and fluctuating fields). The approach will be triple: analytical, experimental and numerical, with the objective of better understanding the phenomenology of mixing. For each of the scales, energy budgets will be established in order to better understand the flow features. This kind of approach should, on the one hand, result in a better characterization of variable viscosity and density flows and, on the other hand, open new perspectives towards the development of new subgrid models for Large Eddy Simulations

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Luminita DANAILA