A2Mac1 annonce l’acquisition de ADACCESS : construisons le benchmarking automobile du futur

January 1, 2022

A2Mac1, the world leader in automotive benchmarking, announced today the signing of an acquisition agreement with ADACCESS, a French specialist in vehicle embedded measurement and energy management study for all type of vehicles but with a strong focus on e-powertrain, HV battery and systems, as well as thermal systems.

ADACCESS, a French-based subject matter expert, has built strong knowledge in vehicle test data acquisition as a result of a state-of-the-art full car embedded instrumentation program followed by comprehensive data acquisition testing (climatic chassis dynamometer, fast charging, on road and on track rides) and data post-processing. Thanks to its automotive expert team, ADACCESS is able to leverage this data and reveal the most complex vehicle systems management strategies.

“This strategic move is a testimony of the ongoing A2Mac1 transformation as we now cover a new segment of the benchmarking market that is more and more critical to our clients. Benefiting from the remarkable complementarity of our solutions, we will deliver to our customers an end to end integrated solution available in 2020 on the subscription based model that A2Mac1 is so well known for. Enriching our static teardown database with high-end vehicle functional tests data and analysis is a key step on the path of “Data to Knowledge” building the future of automotive benchmarking!”

Jacques Leveille, CEO of A2Mac1.

“After 6 years of business with most of our customers being A2Mac1 end-users, we have a great opportunity this year to join our forces. As a result of our complementarity solutions, we will offer a brand new customer experience, and the benefits for the ADACCESS customers are numerous including the powerful A2Mac1 platform to deliver our data, as well as the A2Mac1 production capacity and global presence to cover the different markets. We are excited to start 2020 jointly with A2Mac1!”


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Source : communiqué de presse / press release ADACCESS