Ateliers Avairx - Mobilité et industrie des transports - 5 février & 18 mars 2020

January 1, 2022

2020 : Time for Business Model Innovation

Mobility and the Transportation Industry

  2 Workshops in Paris to Learn and Design Innovative Business Model in Mobility and learn from the joint approach developed by AVAIRX and BMI Lab    What awaits You

  • Workshops dedicated to the development of innovative business models in mobility and transportation to build your future value proposition and offers 
  • A structured and proven approach resulting from scientific research: AVAIRX Mobility Value Proposition Design Methodology for Emerging and Non-conventional Systems, powered by the St Gallen Business Model Navigator
  • A holistic vision of mobility, centered on customer needs and based on new and future technologies

Your advantages / benefits

  • Practical tools and methods, simple to understand and to use immediatly 
  • Participants and experts from various industries and mobility innovation leaders
  • Workshops conducted by mobility and innovation experts
  • Training based on Design Thinking Innovation, Return on Experience, Unique Business Model Innovation Cards based from 55 sectors and industries 
  • Ahead of competition, you will be prepared for launching your new offers, gain marketshare and develop profitable business

The organisation and methodology

  • Workshops designed in two modules focused on the design and deployment of innovative business models
  • An interactive learning method based on a real case study
  • Working groups of max. 5 people to guarantee optimal transmission of expertise

Module #1 - February 5th 2020 - Designing an Innovative Business Model 

  • Introduction to the rapidly changing mobility and transportation market 
  • Introduction to Business Model Innovation
  • Case study: On-demand transportation & new technologies (challenges & common denominator)
  • Stakeholders identification & Ecosystem Map
  • Customer pain points & problems (value proposition canvas)
  • Ideation: generation of ideas using 55+ Pattern Cards
  • Evaluation and selection of ideas
  • Document the selected idea: conceptualize a business model
  • Check the financial viability of the concept with reverse finance
  • Implementation: mindset, steps and tools
  • Outlook towards mobility of the future with emerging, non-conventional systems

Module #2 - March 18th 2020 - Deploying an Innovative Business Model

  • Introduction: Deploying an innovative and profitable transport offer thanks to a strong business model
  • Case study recap: business model of On-demand transport & new technologies
  • Identify the critical assumptions underlying the business model
  • Categorize and prioritize critical assumptions
  • Testing Table: detail the critical hypotheses to make them testable
  • Develop validation tests for critical hypotheses using Testing Cards
  • Creation of a prototype for the validation of critical hypotheses
  • Plan the validation of an innovative business model
  • Plan the deployment of an innovative business model: scale and measure growth
  • Outlook towards market entry, your company's commitment and successful market entry