The French Automotive and Electronics Sectors join forces to form a French team of power electronics

January 1, 2022

"For French leadership in power electronics"

The French Automotive & Mobility and Electronics sectors are joining forces and have completed the first Power Electronics Week which took place from 6 to 10 July 2020: 6 webinars and half a thousand players mobilised throughout the week and 23 projects presented, all of a very high standard. After a presentation of the stakes and challenges, the aim was to share with the industrial and academic network concerned by these technologies in France, the four projects led by VALEO, the Renault Group, STMicroelectronics and Vitesco, among others, and then to bring a series of "bottom-up" projects to the forefront.

All of these projects can be consulted here

The challenge for both sectors is to mobilize a true French power electronics team, with the ambition of creating French leadership in these technologies. This work is part of the "Power Electronics" programme created on 9 June last by the PFA's Automotive Technical Committee (CTA) and headed by Rémi BASTIEN.

« We are convinced of the opportunity to push for true French leadership in power electronics. The stakes are high: a very significant potential for job creation with a market estimated at more than €2 billion in annual revenues for France, which is directly linked to the electrification of vehicles by 2030, in the same way as batteries and electric motors. However, we have clear advantages with, on the one hand, leading players in the automotive and electronics sectors and, on the other hand, the mobilisation of this week is there to demonstrate it, an industrial fabric of SMEs and start-ups ready to take up the challenge. »

Rémi BASTIEN, Director of the PFA Power Electronics Program VP Prospective Automobile, Renault Group Mov'eo chairman

« Power electronics is one of the major lines of the Technology Roadmap shared by the automotive industry with the government as part of the Plan to support the industry unveiled by the President of the Republic on May 26th. That's why we have chosen to make it one of the key R&D programs for the industry. And that's why we are joining forces with the Electronics Sector to form a French power electronics team. If the future of our industry in France is linked to our ability to innovate on the major technological projects of the future, it is clear that we must position ourselves in power electronics, which is at the heart of the challenges created by the rise of electromobility. »

Luc CHATEL, PFA - French Automotive & Mobility sector - chairman

« Our two sectors are at the heart of a twofold revolution: a technological breakthrough linked to the boom in electromobility for the automotive sector, and a revolution in the field of electronics with the development of power electronics, which is going to be the accelerator of the first. We must make these projects an example of our ability in France to combine the strengths of our two major industrial sectors. This inter-industry collaboration is a real opportunity for the industrial France of tomorrow. »

Thierry TINGAUD, Chairman of the Strategic Committee of the "Electronics Industry" Sector   Source : Press release (French) - PFA, French Automotive & Mobility sector