FrenchTech unveils its Next40 "dream team" - for Cityscoot, the story continues 🚀

January 1, 2022

The French Secretary of State for the Digital Economy, Cédric O, revealed the 40 start-ups and companies that have been selected in 2021 to be included in the Next40 index. Once again, this selection is based on company size, fundraising and growth speed.

The Next40 index is a mark of distinction that allows the 40 selected companies to present a guarantee of quality to their partners and clients and to promote their attractiveness to talented people looking for a prestigious employer. They also benefit from special support from the government, which directs them towards accelerated development in exchange for a commitment to employment in France.

The story continues for Cityscoot! 

Our members have talent! Did you know that? So did we!

Cityscoot is proud to remain within the #NEXT40, the list of the 40 most promising French start-ups.

A big thank you to the Minister and all the teams of the #FrenchTech mission for their daily support in the development of the service which participates in the reduction of pollution, noise and congestion in our cities!Cityscoot