Rouen Normandy Metropolis joins the European POLIS network dedicated to innovative mobility

January 1, 2022

In November 2019, the Métropole Rouen Normandie (MRN) formally joined POLIS, the European network of cities and regions for innovative transport, recognized as a privileged interlocutor of the European institutions on this subject. Thanks to this membership, the Rouen Normandy Metropolis is affirming its positioning on the European scene, in connection with its projects for the circulation of autonomous vehicles.

It was during a seminar organized by the Regional Office in Brussels in November 2017 on the theme of the autonomous vehicle that the MRN was able to establish initial contact with the managers of the POLIS network.

Getting involved in POLIS is an opportunity for the MNR to gain visibility by making its projects known on the one hand to members of the network and on the other hand to European institutional players. The network meetings will also allow meeting other European cities and developing joint projects, benefiting from European funding.

As part of the preparation of its future Mobility Plan, these links with other European cities may allow the MNR to draw inspiration from existing experiences elsewhere.

Two MRN agents, accompanied by the Antenna, participated in the network's annual conference, which took place on November 26 and 27 in the Belgian capital. Bringing together more than 600 participants from all over Europe, the event was devoted to two major trends in the urban mobility of tomorrow: the place of technology, and that of citizens, in urban development, and how to combine them. Presentation of projects, workshops, sharing of experiences and site visits, these two days enabled the MNR to envisage the urban mobility of tomorrow from different perspectives.

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