A mission to discover the smart city ecosystem of the Spanish Basque Country

A mission to discover the smart city ecosystem of the Spanish Basque Country

July 22, 2022

NextMove continues to weave its European and international network, in order to generate new business opportunities for its members! At the end of April, NextMove, 6 other European clusters and 3 companies set off to meet the Spanish Basque ecosystem of intelligent mobility (and cities), thanks to its partner MLC ITS Euskadia.

Our members will also be eligible for reimbursement for this type of three-day exchange to discover opportunities across Europe, or even to take part in trade fairs, via the European project REMOBILISE and its ClusterXchange program. For further information, please contact Giulia Maifrini at giulia.maifrini@nextmove.fr.


During this mission to the Basque Country, the cluster took part in the Go Mobility trade show organized by Mubil, "The present and future of mobility", a trade show bringing together professionals from southern Europe to discuss sustainable mobility. To combine business and innovation, we also discussed two Horizon Europe Cluster 5 calls for smart city projects. The afternoon was devoted to a presentation and e-bus tour by Irizar, as well as B2B meetings with Mubil strategy, IBIL, Dinycion and Innventa Energia.

The second day saw a presentation by the municipality of San Sebastian of the city's smart city challenges, reflected in the bus network, described by the director of San Sebastian's bus operator, D.Bus.

News: San Sebastian's population is 185,000, and if you count the outskirts, it's 435,000. It's a hilly city whose topography makes mobility a challenge. It's also a very popular year-round tourist destination, thanks to its sports tourism and year-round events (over 100 a year).

Bilbao, the capital of Spain's Basque Country, was the scene of the third day of the mission, as a metropolis heavily involved in European smart city and smart mobility projects, thanks to its topography similar to that of San Sebastian. We discovered projects presented by the city council (Bilbao zero2, Biotip, Bilbao wifi), the city's bus operator, Bilboko Hiribus, and Ibilkari, the city's car-sharing operator.

To our members interested in Spain: don't hesitate to contact the center for assistance!


Participating clusters: NextMove, TorinoWireless, Netzwerk Energie und Umwelt e.V., Cluster digital de Catalunya, ELectronic INnovation CLUster and Electric Vehicules Industrial Cluster

Participating companies: Abinsula, Park Smart and the Sofia City Bus Operator.