RECIPROCITY project - Progress report

January 1, 2022

NextMove has successfully applied for the European project "Replication of innovative concepts for peri-urban, rural or inner-city mobility. RECIPROCITY (its acronym) tackles the challenges of urbanization and climate change.

Since early 2021, NextMove has been rolling out the RECIPROCITY project across France. As part of this project, innovative mobility solutions are to be initiated in at least 20 European cities to meet the challenges of urbanization, climate change and digitization - underlying trends that make a rethink of mobility inevitable.

The aim of the RECIPROCITY project is to connect urban and rural regions, and support them in the deployment of a multimodal transport offer (with at least two alternative means of transport) for intelligent, clean mobility.

The consortium comprises 10 partners, including European clusters and research institutes

R-Tech, E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg (Germany) - CoordinatorEuropean Regions Research and Innovation Network (Belgium)Greenovate! Europe (Belgium)NextMove (France)ZONE Klaszter (Hungary)Istanbul Okan University (Turkey)Business Upper Austria - OO Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH (Austria)Regionalni rozvojova agentura Plzenskeho kraje, o.p.s. Czech Republic)INSTITUTO ARAGONES DE FOMENTO (Spain)Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (Uudenmaan liitto - Nylands Förbund) (Finland)

During the RECIPROCITY project, cities that differ in size, location, degree of urbanization and mobility needs will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and contacts to accelerate the process of developing innovative mobility solutions.

This includes workshops and webinars as well as twinning events, new partnerships and local exchanges through mobility missions to strengthen networking and knowledge sharing. Success stories are then to be replicated in other partner regions to make innovative mobility solutions quickly and easily accessible to a wider circle of cities and municipalities.

Thus, in 2021, took place:

11 workshops bringing together local authorities, companies, laboratories, academics and other innovation players across Europe, with 450 participants;3 workshops to produce an initial roadmap on replicating innovative projects

The program of twinning events, mobility missions and training webinars will be shared with NextMove members by the end of 2021!

The project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and development framework program, with a grant of around 1.5 million euros.