European Commission announces an unprecedented €750 billion recovery plan

1 janvier 2022

Mov'eo, together with the other Auto/Mobility clusters and the French automotive sector, has strengthened its presence in Brussels with the presence of Mathilde Ruiz, our VIE, who represents us and you there. Mathilde offers our members weekly watch notes on what's happening in Brussels, on the subjects of Innovation & Mobility & Europe... a few pages to understand the issues and subjects of the moment. If you are interested in these notes, please subscribe to this link!   Today, Mathilde analyses the recovery plan presented on 27 May by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, called "Next Generation EU" and endowed with €750 billion. If a political compromise were to be found with the 27 Member States, the Commission could then borrow for the first time in the name of the EU on the markets, or even create new own resources to finance this debt.