Normandy: la Manche bets on hydrogen

1 janvier 2022

The Manche département continued its investment in hydrogen by regularly innovating.

In 2017, it launched the BHYKE project, aimed at testing around twenty hydrogen bicycles spread over the territories of Saint-Lô and Cherbourg (experiment closed at the end of October 2019), today with the construction of five trackers that will make it possible to capture solar energy to produce, by electrolysis, a renewable hydrogen (30 kg/d). In addition, as part of its commitment to the ecological transition, and after innovating with light vehicles and then bicycles, the Channel has continued its investment in hydrogen mobility by contributing to the emergence of a heavy goods vehicle mobility project. Initiated in mid-2019, the development of this project called "ETHyR CoManche" will continue in 2020 with a view to responding to ADEME's next call for proposals for the "Mobility H2" project. Today, the department is continuing its action to consolidate the territorial hydrogen ecosystem by launching a hydrogen initiative in the Manche region called "H2 MANCHE: Green Hydrogen Territory". The hydrogen proposed in the Manchurian stations will be produced according to the solution developed by the company LHYFE which generates a 100% green hydrogen (without any CO2 emissions on the whole chain) from a modular electrolysis solution directly connected to renewable natural resources. In addition, La Manche is implementing the project " Vallée Hydrogène Grand Ouest " (VHyGO), coordinated by LHYFE. Its ambition here is to bring together a critical mass of local players and initiatives in order to create networks and a coherent renewable hydrogen ecosystem at the level of the Grand Ouest (Normandy, Brittany, Pays de la Loire).   Source :