RECiPE4Mobility : Mov’eo, coordinator of a project dedicated to service excellence and cross-border collaboration

1 janvier 2022

Mov’eo is pleased to be the project coordinator of RECiPE4Mobility since February 2020. A project which brings together 5 clusters in Germany (E-Mobility), Hungary (ZONE), the Netherlands (AutomotiveNL) and Portugal (Mobinov). Their aim: to join forces and pool the best of their expertise to provide always better services to their members. RECiPE4Mobility, for the benefit of cluster members RECiPE4Mobility (stands for Regrouping European Clusters in a Partnership of Excellence for Mobility) is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening our clusters’ management skills, providing professional services to our ecosystems, notably SMEs, and generating cross-sectorial and cross-border European value chains in the urban mobility sector.  Focused on the safe and sustainable urban mobility thematic, the partnership will :  - Develop comprehensive strategies and implementation roadmaps both at clusters and partnership levels  - Organise twinning, networking and learning activities and implementing collaboration activities   - Implementing the RECiPE4Mobility ClusterXchange pilot, which will organize at least 50 short-term exchanges, including at least 25 for SMEs, 5 exchanges for cluster managers, 10 exchanges for technology centres, and 10 exchanges for other scaling-up support organizations 

  • Ensure outreach, awareness-raising and long-term activities. 

Logo : RECiPE4Mobility ClusterXchange pilot Activities of the first months : Peer-learning and assessment of clusters' ability to support the competitiveness of their SMEs Since February, the consortium started an initial assessment of clusters’ good practices when it comes to generating added value support services for their members, notably for their SMEs and scaling-up support organisations. The assessment is made through two main activities: ESCA Benchmarking and clusters’ Peer-learning.  The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis is an offspring of the 2009 European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), a pan-European initiative by the European Commission with the aim to create more world-class clusters across the EU by strengthening cluster management excellence. Its benchmarking and labelling process aims at learning from better performing peers or other entities in order to improve own structures, processes, products and services.  That’s why we gathered the requirements of ESCA Benchmarking and Label process, and contacted the ESCA Secretariat to start the benchmarking process.   In addition, Peer-learning is key to improve clusters’ management skills. RECiPE4Mobility consortium is therefore  sharing its current areas of excellence with each other. In April 2020, based on the common interest from the whole consortium after the reading of all good practices, 4 good practices out of 25 shared will be selected. They will be further explained during upcoming dedicated coaching sessions, which will preferably happen during the so-called clusters missions, if not during webinars.  An agile consortium : RECiPE4Mobility collaboration on Covid-19 crisis Furthermore, faced with the COVID-19 crisis, RECiPE4Mobility consortium exchanged views on the actions that each cluster could put in place to :  

relay as widely and clearly as possible the political measures adopted to support companies affected by the crisis.  
encourage the involvement of their members in the fight against the virus.  

Then, all the Partners :  

shared the relevant governmental measures on this document, on their website and informed their members by e-mail.  
used this collaborative document to have the same information at the same time regarding EU R&I actions on Covid-19, so that they provide consistent information to their members located all over Europe.  

Finally, a specific folder was created on RECiPE4Mobility internal communication platform in order to gather relevant analyses and feedbacks regarding the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.