10 new members join the NextMove community

10 new members join the NextMove community

May 15, 2024

10 new members join NextMove

ATMO Normandie, Cohesium, CTCI, DEWEsoft, Dryside, GTF, Proxinnov, Seine Normandie Agglomération, Thermodel RD, Skytech & Welease joined the NextMove community in April 2024.


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ATMO Normandie

Atmo Normandie is the state-approved association for monitoring, informing and supporting stakeholders throughout Normandy. It is the result of the 2016 merger of Air Com and Air Normand, the former air quality monitoring networks in Basse and Haute-Normandie.

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Accompanying companies in the operational implementation of development strategies, and this across the entire chain of skills linked to overall corporate performance. This is how COHESIUM positions itself as the partner for your development through performance: "from Strategy to Action".

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For over 40 years, CTCI has been bringing expertise and customized solutions to its customers, while promoting the emergence of best practices in environmental and societal matters. The CTCI Group, specialized in thermoforming, is resolutely focused on the future.

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Designing test and measurement equipment that simplifies human progress. Our data acquisition systems are the ultimate tools for test engineers.

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DrySide was born out of a near-miss in the mountains. The founder, who was on board the vehicle, then created the Water Deviation System (WDS), a cutting-edge technology that flushes water away in front of the tire. By restoring grip on wet roads, WDS prevents aquaplaning and improves driver visibility.

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GTF Innovations was founded in March 2004 by three car enthusiasts. They imagined the French-style cabriolet/pick-up leisure vehicle, easy to use and maintain, adaptable to the needs of the moment and a generator of joie de vivre.

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As a Robotics Cluster, Proxinnov drives the industrial robotics industry nationwide. The Proxinnov network currently includes some 200 companies with complementary profiles. Driven by numerous initiatives (events, networking, acculturation, meetings...), Proxinnov is recognized for its dynamism and stimulating environment.

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Seine Normandie Agglomération

Seine Normandie Agglomération has set up a cluster of industrial excellence, the Campus technologique de l'Espace, to give itself the means to create favorable conditions for innovation, cutting-edge business creation, and training.

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From startups to industrial group RetD departments, Thermodel-rd supports you in the thermal management of your processes and achievements. Thermodel-rd is a design office specializing in the study of thermal problems in industrial processes and devices, from analysis to the realization of solutions, including scientific support thanks to a network of experts from the world of research.

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A player in the intelligent and sustainable circular economy, SKYTECH is participating in the revival of plastics processing: ecoplasturgy. SKYTECH produces premium regenerated resins from complex plastic waste, for industrial use.

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Simplifying the process so that you can find the right car for you and its leasing formula directly from your computer, tablet or even smartphone.

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