Acceptability of AVs - New deliverables from the BRAVE project are online

1 janvier 2022

BRAVE is a European Research and Innovation project whose objective is to promote the acceptance of highly automated vehicles by developing innovative Human Machine Interfaces. The subject is approached from both a technological and a societal point of view, with the user being taken into account from the very first stages of the approach and throughout the process. Mov'eo is one of the partners in this project, which began in June 2017 and is funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme. After more than 3 years of work, the project will end in February 2021. In this last straight line, many results are already available. Main deliverables The content of most deliverables is public All elements are available on the project's website ➡   Among the deliverables, three documents are directly related to Automated Vehicles's acceptance, with :

A large literature review
A summary of the study carried out among experts and stakeholders
A summary of the study carried out on a population sample

There are also several deliverables on vehicle-driver interactions and driver monitoring, prediction of the intentions of vulnerable users and vehicles in the environment close to the automated vehicle, as well as reports on tests carried out on simulators, on circuits and in real conditions, and the associated users' feedback.   Mov’eo in this project Mov'eo is involved in the consortium of this project, and in particular ensures :

Communication actions and dissemination of results
The link with the Automobile and Mobility ecosystem, particularly the manufacturers, to encourage the transfer of results to industry.
The management of the project Advisory Board and the formulation of recommendations for the lines of research.

List of partners involved in the project This project is coordinated by the VTI Research Institute (Sweden) and has partners from all over Europe: Mov'eo (France), UTAC-Ceram (France), University of Alcala (Spain), Automòbil Club Assistència S.A.U. (Spain), Fraunhofer IAO (Germany), Institute for empirical sociology - IfeS (Germany), Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia (Slovenia). But also partners from outside Europe: University of Berkeley (USA), University of Sydney (Australia)   Contact / Information Florent ANON, Innovation & Europe projects manager Follow @BRAVE_H2020

BRAVE is funded by the european programme Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement n°723021