AFHYPAC becomes France Hydrogen

1 janvier 2022

It is by a frank and massive vote that the members of AFHYPAC (French Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) expressed themselves on October 7, 2020 in an Extraordinary General Assembly to change the name of the association in front of France Hydrogène.

The members of the association - nearly 200 at present - wanted to mark an important change and place the association in the strong dynamic of hydrogen development in France.

”The launch of the French Strategy on September 8 heralds a new era for hydrogen in France and Europe. Hydrogen will become a strategic industry for our country. Our association must reflect this new dimension. And the first step to accompany this evolution is a new name that is clear, legible and immediately understandable to all audiences. In this way, we are reaffirming our ambitions: to carry the colors of hydrogen loud and clear, to reflect this powerful dynamic and to make it shine in France and abroad.„

Philippe Boucly, France Hydrogen Chairman During this General Assembly, the creation of Regional Delegations was also included in the statutes of the association. These Delegations will be set up in all metropolitan regions and will bring together the members of France Hydrogène, actors of hydrogen in the regions. Concretely, they should strengthen the links with the territories, raise their stakes and problems to the national level and multiply the actions of the hydrogen sector on the whole territory. Among their objectives: to promote the development of large-scale regional projects by encouraging the pooling of needs and the emergence of solid partnerships between local authorities and industry in order to synchronize the emergence of supply and the development of uses, which is the main thrust of the French Hydrogen Strategy.   Source :