Improve the quality of your products with SERMA Technologies remote auditing

1 janvier 2022

M.P.A.I. Manufacturing Process Assessment & Improvement

In the current context, SERMA Technologies has developed a specific remote offer to reduce the risks of failure linked to the assembly process: Objective

Improve the quality of your electronic products


Technological analysis of a product and e-audit (remote audit)


3 weeks upon receipt of the product (depending on the availability of your suppliers)

Team Support

Process, reliability, SERMA laboratory analyses experts


From 4 500 euros

SERMA Technologies' laboratory experience with several thousands of analyses per year demonstrates daily that many defects are linked to a poor mastery of the manufacturing processes of electronic products. Industrialization choices will also impact this quality.

  1. Entrust SERMA Technologies' experts with at least one representative product to be analyzed
  2. Organize between 2 and 5 half days of auditing with your supplier's/supplier's technical teams.
  3. Receive, in less than 3 weeks, a snapshot of the manufacturing quality level of your products.

The action plan will allow you to optimize your production quality and to reduce the risks of defects linked to the process (plan which SERMA will be able to follow up and control the efficiency). SERMA Technologies will perform:

A pragmatic laboratory analysis carried out by our process experts, reliability and failure analysis with laboratory means (visual, RX, ...). A synthesis of the weak points identified, in the form of a risk analysis, will present the observations prioritized by severity.
An e-audit: the weak points will be analyzed by our process audit experts during this remote audit with your manufacturing plants. It will identify the deviations from the rules of the art and establish a targeted action plan.

Download the MPAI e-audit brochure (French)

Sébastien DROUET Head of Business Unit Consulting Electronic Expertise

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