KSH, a connected helmet to save even more lives on the road

1 janvier 2022

After two notable participations at the CES in Las Vegas, Kevin RAVI, the founder of the KSH brand offers 2-wheelers a connected helmet that will no longer make you hesitate between Safety and Style.

Entrepreneur with deserved success Kévin Ravi, a Parisian with Martinique origins, graduated from a web design and ergonomics training course and passed his motorbike licence in 2015. The event stimulates his entrepreneurial spirit: the objective is to reduce accidents on two-wheelers, After 5 years of work, exchanges and meetings within the largest French and American incubators, the first KSH helmet equipped with a traffic light and emergency services for the general public is about to see the light... After his first laps in the urban jungle, Kévin Ravi takes the measure of his fragility on the road and especially in the city. Following this observation, he decides to devote all his energy to 2-wheel safety and embarks on an adventure that takes him as far as the US: the creation of the first French connected helmet capable of alerting the emergency services in total autonomy.

“ Developing this idea alone did not interest me, it was doomed to failure. I met two people from different backgrounds: my future partners. They brought me their knowledge of the world of industry as well as the entrepreneurial world.”

Kévin Ravi, co-founder and CEO of KSH In 2017, Kévin launches his company and creates KSH: Kosmos Smart Helmets. Aware of the need to learn how to materialize his vision, he looks for a support structure and joins the USINE.IO. In this Fab-lab close to the concept of Station F, Kévin presents his project and attracts the attention of financial partners and makes his first prototypes. These in hand, it is at the CES in Las Vegas that KSH meets a first success in 2019: partnership proposals and funding, pre-sales, interviews ... On its return to France, the young start-up, accompanied by the European Mobility Cluster Moveo, continued its development during a trip to San Francisco where major groups such as Ford-Motors and Tom-Tom supported the project. KSH then joined a group of engineering schools and took part in the Viva Technologie trade fair, the leading French trade fair in the world of technological innovation. A second meeting at the CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2020 confirms the future of KSH and profiles the product launch at the beginning of 2021. KSH, a unique helmet that combines design and safety Among the many helmets on the market, KSH is a leader in three key areas: style, connectivity and security. Equipped with a brake light and a Bluetooth connection system, all integrated into the helmet for maximum elegance, KSH aims to improve the rider's safety. On a daily basis, the rider uses a voice assistant to interact with his phone, to be guided without distracting attention, to ask where the next petrol station is or to receive calls. KSH's safety argument, however, lies in what the driver does not do. The technology inside the helmet and the KSH application, allows to send an alert message to 5 people in case of a fall after which the user would not be able to call for help. The people in question receive concrete information on the pilot's geolocation, blood type and medical history so that they can call for help and reduce the response time. Because connectivity and style are not incompatible, the creator of KSH also brings a graphic touch to the sleek design, an elegant and sober roundness that suits everyone. In black or white, but also in chrome or "flashy" colours, the KSH headset is the fashion accessory par excellence. From the customizable paint to the " collab' " with renowned artists, KSH is committed to detail and also proposes to customize even the interior foam of the helmets.


Source : pa-sport.fr https://nextmove.fr/membres/kosmos-smart-helmets/