Mov'eo, Europe and you !

1 janvier 2022

 As you can see or know, your cluster is very active on the European scene, but... How can you benefit from it? So here it is, we're going to tell you everything...

  1. Mov'eo supports you in setting up your innovative projects on a European scale. The cluster can help all its members in their projects, from the idea to the submission, including assistance in putting together their application (single partner or collaborative). This can take the following forms (but perhaps the simplest way is for us to discuss it) :

    Help in defining and framing the idea The organization of tailor-made and on-demand project emergence workshops Information on calls for projects (H2020, EIC, COSME, Interreg,...) and help in targeting the most suitable for your project. Help in finding French or European partners A hearing of the project in front of the cluster's experts, to help the project leaders build their file and prepare the oral selection of projects (when applicable) - as part of the labeling process. An evaluation of the file by the cluster's technical and business experts, in order to help you highlight the strong points and improve the weak points within the framework of the labeling: technological choices, state of the art, IP, economic impact and market access strategy, eco-conditionality...) Review by the internal team: PCN Transport & EU project evaluators The support of the project to the funders (according to the call for proposals) with a letter of support. Help in submitting your project on the platforms and more particularly on the "Funding & tender Portal" (formerly Participant Portal) The cluster can be a partner in your collaborative projects for certain specific activities, or even coordinate your project.

  2. Mov'eo puts its network at your disposal With more than a dozen partnerships in Europe, we offer you contact with our partners in different formats:

    B2B meetings with dedicated events Pitching sessions (example with our German partners) international missions

  3. Mov'eo offers you exchange and sharing clubs In a logic of Win-Win exchange, Mov'eo offers its members places to share information, help each other and network.

    The "Europe club": sharing Brussels information, the latest news Horizon Europe, PPPs, influence, networks... The Mov'eo International Business Club This club is intended to be a place for the exchange of information and best practices among its members on issues of common interest, with sub-themes of interest to participants

4- Mov'eo, a player in European projects In this logic of increasing power and being able to constantly propose opportunities for its members, Mov'eo is a partner in many European projects (Horizon 2020 and COSME). About ten projects are submitted every year. Thanks to these projects, we can offer you services that are always more and more internationally oriented:

Acceleration program towards the USA, Canada and the United Arab Emirates with Intonomous

Xchange program with RECiPE4Mobility
Energy audit training program for industrial SMEs with E2DRIVER

Discover our EU Projects

5- Mov'eo represents you in Brussels For its members, Mov'eo is a member of the PPP EGVIA (Green Vehicle), where it represents its members and their interests. Mov'eo offers you the opportunity to pool memberships at the European level. Contact us ! Finally, with the 3 other French mobility clusters and the PFA, Mov'eo is represented in Brussels by the presence of a VIE, the "innovation" correspondent of the mobility sector. Don't hesitate, contact us to find out more and see how we can reach the European universe together!