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1 janvier 2022

The IoT market will record sustained growth until 2025. The French market is currently estimated at 10 billion euros and growing rapidly (about 15% per year). Parking management, indoor air quality... The Paris Region startup Quos is one of the players that will count in the coming years in the field of IoT for the smart city. With 100% integrated, transversal and made in France solutions, Quos is a creator of solutions for sustainable cities and companies committed to a CSR approach.

With its expertise in street furniture, networks & software (data security) and R&D in the Smart City field, Quos offers 4 integrated solutions managed by the web platform and the QuosLive application. 100% made in France (design, manufacturing, hosting).

QuosAir : the ideal solution to control indoor air quality Indoor air is relatively polluted - 5 to 7 times more than outdoor air. Quosair makes it possible to renew it as soon as there is a real need, to prevent health risks (asthma, respiratory allergies, headaches, nausea...). An ideal solution in the Covid19 crisis period we are going through. A solution also for the benefit of the quality of life at work (QWL), a healthy air improving the capacities of concentration of the employees. Indoor air quality monitoring system, it allows for sustainable analysis and adaptation of ventilation or air conditioning systems. An indispensable solution for compliance with legal obligations for all middle and high schools from this year, and for all establishments receiving the public from 2023. Easy to use, the solution is started by flashing a QR code. Readings and reports are automatic. Without any communication infrastructure (wifi, bluetooth or other), the measurement objects can be moved and maintained remotely. Autonomy is also at the heart of the solution: anticipation of a low battery for example, Quos sends back a battery before the product stops. QuosPark : intelligent, simplified and eco-responsible parking for cities & businesses Dedicated to intelligent, autonomous and eco-responsible parking on roads, the QuosPark solution offers patented sensors for detecting vehicles with a lifespan of more than 20 years. This connected parking management system, which provides users with information on the availability of parking spaces, is mainly aimed at local authorities and businesses. For local authorities, QuosPark helps to improve seat rotation in strong urban areas. An efficient help for the agents, allowing the respect of limited and/or specific places (Blue Zones, 20 min, person with reduced mobility, deliveries, etc.) but also a prevention for the motorists. With this solution, Quos makes Smart City technologies accessible to all cities, even medium and small ones. For businesses, the solution helps optimize parking lots and reduce the carbon footprint. All of which is enough to satisfy companies committed to a CSR approach... and their image with their customers.

QuosBin & QuosTerra : integrated solutions for local authorities QuosBin is a management service for waste collection. Fill detection enables local authorities to optimize and monitor their fleet of garbage cans and containers. QuosBin, through the QuosLive interface, will guide the waste chain, from the client to the treatment centers, including collection, thanks to predictive paths, detailed reporting and assistance with recovery. QuosTerra is an optimized watering system. With the temperature and humidity sensor, limit water stress or water waste. Evaluate your watering needs and the condition of your green spaces. QuosTerra, through the QuosLive interface, will guide your watering, thanks to a centralized management, a daily weather forecast and a detailed reporting of your actions. A secure turnkey web platform and application: QuosLive QuosLive is the management tool for data collected by sensors that were previously difficult to obtain. It facilitates the processing and retrieval of information provided by all types of sensors developed by Quos. Easy to install, 100% secure system, it frees itself from coverage problems.  By providing graphical user interfaces and smartphone applications, Quos enables all public, private or citizen users to optimize travel flows in real time. Understanding the difficulty of managing technological systems, Quos is committed to providing a turnkey service. From the reception of the order to the final use, through the field implementation, Quos takes care of everything and delivers to its customers a state-of-the-art tool that can be used by everyone.

The commitment to CSR, Safety and Quality in the DNA of Quos Quos is part of an integral tripartite approach, including renewable energies, visual integration and connectivity from the design stage, so that the products are not a patchwork of technologies but a thought-out and integrated object. Also, the startup wants to make all these connected objects autonomous thanks to innovative renewable energy technologies and has already filed a unique patent for energy recovery from the ground, allowing the autonomy of objects sealed outdoors. Concerned about the environment - the life cycle of materials is studied from the design stage in order to make the most of short circuits and recycling - but also about the visual impact, Quos calls on designers to respect the city and the visual integration of its objects. Quos is a designer and manufacturer of urban furniture and is committed to product quality and durability. The company does not produce technological gadgets, but objects that will stand the test of time and public traffic. The material and dematerialized security of Quos products is guaranteed with particular attention is paid to the design of objects that must respect the urban environment and be tamper-proof. The data generated by Quos objects are confidential and managed with the utmost care. They are monitored and secured by the latest encryption technologies.

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