RECiPE4Mobility: automotive & mobility clusters at the service of SMEs throughout Europe!

1 janvier 2022

The partners of RECiPE4Mobility, a new European project coordinated by Mov'eo, invite you to discover the added-value services offered by automotive & mobility clusters to their members, especially SMEs. The downloadable document at the end of this article is the result of four months of best practices sharing between AutomotiveNL (Netherlands), E-Mobility Cluster (Germany), Mobinov (Portugal), Mov'eo (France) and Zone Cluster (Hungary).   RECiPE4Mobility (stands for Regrouping European Clusters in a Partnership of Excellence for Mobility) is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening our clusters’ management skills, providing professional services to our ecosystems, notably SMEs, and generating cross-sectorial and cross-border European value chains in the urban mobility sector.  The first months of the project particularly focused on the assessment of the added-value services offered by  our clusters to SMEs, scaling-up support organizations and regional authorities. This peer-to-peer learning is key to the next activities of the project, as we needed to take into account the peculiarities of safe and sustainable urban mobility and the specific structure and resources available tin our clusters. This document puts forward the headlines of this peer-learning process during which 17 best practices were shared, studied and discussed within the consortium. RECiPE4Mobility’s partners selected 6 of them that will be further explained during the dedicated coaching sessions. They provide pathways for progress when it will come to the development and refining of clusters’ individual strategies to support SMEs and start-ups in the safe and sustainable urban mobility context.

You are a cluster manager and you wonder how to meet the needs of your members? You want to know how clusters generate innovation for SMEs, play a key role in business acceleration, allows their members to benefit from wide-reaching networks and represent a strong voice for their needs? Explore this document and find out testimonies from several managers, from their vision to success stories!

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