Sokaris Engineering expands its offer

1 janvier 2022

Sokaris Engineering, an international SME - member of Mov'eo - specialized in the development of complex mechanical systems for the automotive, aeronautics, space, sports and luxury goods sectors, is expanding its offer by integrating into its services the PRODUCT / PROCESS validation and associated tests of a component or system with a view to its industrialization, and also by developing and manufacturing innovative energy-absorbing systems by plastic deformation.

A global solution: Design & Manufacturing Sokaris Engineering widens its offer by integrating in its services the validation of PRODUCT / PROCESS and associated tests, of a component or a system in view of its industrialization. The design office proposes a turnkey offer including the design and manufacturing of the components it develops. With their multi-process and multi-material expertise, our engineers are able to provide a global product-process validation of your projects.  

Controlled processes

Applications already available

Plastic deformation damping system: Design, optimization and manufacturing Customer dedicated business tool: development, deployment, technical support & maintenance   High efficiency energy absorption

New materials / Cushioning systems

As part of its innovation projects, SOKARIS Engineering has developed a high-performance energy absorber technology. SOKARIS Engineering has developed geometries that absorb energy through plastic deformation. On our applications, these innovative systems have shown a gain of up to +50% of absorbed energy (at iso-mass) compared to a conventional energy absorber. The projects that could be entrusted to us, can take the form of a study on an application case provided by the customer in order to demonstrate the performance of the technology. The deliverables would then be a study report integrating fast dynamic calculation results and the resulting geometry. SOKARIS Engineering is also able to carry out the manufacturing and validation tests, as well as the correlation between calculation and tests, which would follow. The main characteristics of these energy absorbers are high volume efficiency and high mass efficiency. Thus, it becomes possible to absorb a significant amount of energy in a reduced volume or for a reduced mass. Therefore, the contributions can be located at several levels, in order to preserve the integrity of certain components in the face of significant decelerations.