The Mov'eo competitiveness cluster becomes NextMove

1 janvier 2022

and now federates the entire value chain of the Automobile & Mobility sector

Because tomorrow's mobility is being prepared today, the Mov'eo competitiveness cluster, which has been supporting the innovation ecosystem of the Automobile & Mobility sector since 2006, becomes NextMove in 2021. A community of excellence, born from the merger in November 2019 between Mov'eo, RAVI and ARIA Normandie, which will continue its action to consolidate, within the sector in the Île-de-France and Normandy regions, the two pillars of competitiveness: Innovation and Industrial Excellence.

NextMove: constantly thinking about the "next move" in order to innovate, develop and produce tomorrow's mobility solutions in France.

This new organisation, taking up the ambitions and objectives targeted by the competitiveness cluster, has the mission of grouping together the entire value chain of the Automobile & Mobility sector, from the idea to the market in order to invent, experiment and industrialise tomorrow's mobility on French soil. By bringing together the members of Mov'eo, RAVI and ARIA Normandie under a single identity, all the players in the value chain are now represented: industrialists, service providers, local authorities, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics and institutions. The cluster thus grows from 380 to 600 members under the NextMove entity, with the aim of reaching 800 members by 2022. This union will also enable a further increase in collaborative work between its members in order to activate all the factors of innovation and competitiveness of the French sector on the territory as well as internationally.

The health and economic crisis of Covid-19 has shown more than ever how important it is for France to regain its economic and industrial sovereignty. It is in this dynamic and the need to recreate industrial Made in France that NextMove takes on its full meaning: a space where the players in the sector weave new links and innovate to develop together the products, services, processes and technologies of tomorrow's mobility.

The objective of NextMove is to ensure and perpetuate the production of the entire value chain of the automotive and new mobility sector in France.

"The next few years will be pivotal in positioning ourselves in key technologies, services and markets. Our territory, whose heart is the Seine Valley, the French "Mobility Valley", can only survive by having a complete capacity for innovation, development, experimentation and industrialisation of mobility solutions. This capacity can only be acquired collectively, and it is by bringing together all the players in the sector and the value chain that we will meet these challenges and consolidate this ecosystem that creates more value and jobs in France. »

Rémi Bastien, NextMove Chairman

A new graphic identity for a new dynamic

A new brand means a new identity: name, logo, colours… The whole of the cluster's graphic charter has been designed to give full meaning to the brand signature: "collaboration is the driver". This graphic universe is the foundation that must guarantee a strong and coherent visual identity for NextMove. It will help to create a distinctive image of a key player in the mobility sector and its industry.

The cluster's new name - NextMove - evokes mobility and progress. It expresses its vision: because tomorrow's mobility is being prepared today, we must always be in the "next move". "Move" also recalls the name of Mov'eo, which together with the ARIA Normandie and RAVI have merged to give birth to this new ecosystem.

The logotype has the name in reserve on a dark blue background, which gives the brand status and impact. The "e", out of the box, gives the logo its distinctiveness by expressing the disruptive nature of the brand, capable of thinking "out of the box". The signature "collaboration is the driver" expresses the key value, the operating mode and the condition for the success of this organisation. The "driver" evokes mobility and makes the signature specific.

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A propos de NextMove

NextMove, a competitiveness cluster created in June 2006 and based in the Normandy and Île-de-France regions (70% of French automotive R&D), NextMove embodies, animates and promotes the “Mobility Valley”, an area of European excellence where solutions are invented, developed, tested and industrialized to meet the challenges of mobility today and tomorrow. Bringing together the main players in mobility and the French automotive industry, NextMove weaves and animates links between major manufacturers, SMEs, start-ups, academics, research centers and territories in a dynamic network capable of meeting the technological challenges of innovative and responsible mobility. NextMove brings together more than 600 member institutions and supports more than 500 labeled projects (including more than 250 funded projects). It is the largest French network of scientific and technical excellence where sustainable collaborations are built between the different actors of the Automotive and Mobility ecosystem